PPC Management Technology

We are a Premier Google Partner and also an Accredited Professional for Bing Ads. Here are features of our work that make our PPC marketing services stand out.

  • Our system is automated, with parameters set up manually based on client goals (with focus on CPA).
  • Our system automates keyword bid, device bid, and campaign budget allocation/prioritization.
  • We utilize the smartest algorithmic technology available to PPC service providers, providing us with several advantages.
  • Anywhere from a few to thousands of adjustments per day per client account far more than what can be accomplished manually
  • Advanced forecasting capabilities to help clients scale as opportunities become available
  • Automated budget pacing to ensure even spending throughout the month
  • Advanced reporting that enables our PPC campaign services team to optimize as intelligently as possible and avoid human error


  • Our reporting platform generates transparent reports of actual sales leads (as opposed to any phone call or form submission) via an online dashboard.
  • This platform allows our PPC management services team to utilize the most accurate keyword-level lead data to optimize and improve campaigns.
  • The platform allows you to view campaign-level metrics (including validated leads).
  • You see the full history of leads, impressions, clicks and all other major metrics.
  • Each lead can be viewed individually with keyword-level attribution data.

Landing Page Testing

  • Landing pages are built on an advanced, customizable landing page platform.
  • Our experienced team has the ability to quickly produce customized, dynamic landing pages that typically improve existing website conversion rates.
  • Conversion rate optimization accounts for half of the main equation for cost-per-lead improvement — which is why CRO should never be ignored, and we don’t.
  • Our team of CRO experts works with you to insure your landing page layout and design are the best possible.
  • Our PPC services team includes experienced, highly talented designers and copywriters.

Keyword and Ad Research Testing

  • In-depth initial keyword research and competitor analysis to find the ideal starting foundation
  • Ongoing “refreshes” of competitor analysis to ensure ads and keywords adapt and stay ahead of a constantly changing landscape
  • Experienced ad copywriters who use the best in competitor analysis technology
  • Aggressive testing utilizing a combination of best practice and our own proven, proprietary methods